Four Wide: Allmendinger, Sorenson swap crew chiefs

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• The rumored crew chief swap between A.J. Allmendinger and Reed Sorenson has come to pass. Kicking each guy out of his own house and making him live in the other’s seemed a little too reality-show for me, though. []

• Which drivers have the best chance of making the Chase? Take a look at their recent history for a clue. [Scene Daily]

• Breaking down some very funny mistakes in various books about NASCAR. Did you know that you could go 200 mph at Martinsville? Apparently so! [Unrestricted]

• Roush Fenway Racing has asked for a wrongful termination suit from a former employee be dismissed. The suit involved a former crew member for Carl Edwards who said he was fired in February while on leave after a suicide attempt. []

• Oh, come on … another Dale Jr. bank robber? Really? This is getting lamer than Digger, fast. [All Left Turns]

• Humpy Wheeler, the man with the greatest name in motorsports, may be retired from Lowe’s Motor Speedway, but he’s still got plenty of ideas on how to keep NASCAR growing. [Racin' Today]

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Four Wide: Allmendinger, Sorenson swap crew chiefs

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