Bobby Labonte signs extension with Petty Enterprises-UPDATE

Bobby LabonteUPDATE:

Crew Chief Jeff Meendering: “As for reports that Bobby Labonte has signed with the team, I don’t think that anything is set in stone there. They are getting really close on working everything out. But to say anything is set in stone might have been some speculation. When everything started blowing up with that story, the guys on our team never paid any attention to that. We have really good management here that takes care of that and allows us to go to the track and race. I still feel like Bobby will be here next year, but I know they’re not totally done with it. I think they’re getting close, though.”

Editor’s note:  Set in stone or not, Labonte is staying at Petty.

——————————————————— sources have confirmed that Sprint Cup Champion Bobby Labonte has signed a contract extension to remain with Petty Enterprises.

Richard Childress Racing announced a 4th Sprint Cup team for the upcoming 2009 season and has secured sponsorship from General Mills which is Labonte’s current sponsor with Petty. Speculation had Labonte following General Mills to RCR’s newly formed team for next year but now that speculation can be put to rest.

Bobby Labonte signs extension with Petty Enterprises-UPDATE

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