Race Into Halloween With A Nascar Costume

The NASCAR, also known as the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, started in the southern parts of the United States in 1948. Now a lucrative franchise with several million followers around the globe, it is second only to the National Football League in terms of viewership and popularity.

You can get a costume that’s sure to get your engines racing in a wide variety of styles and sizes for infants, kids, and male and female adults alike. You can even don Ricky Bobby’s Talladega Nights outfit. Here are just some of the NASCAR-themed outfits that you can find on the Net, or derive inspiration from if you want to make your own NASCAR costume for Halloween or any similar event: a kid-sized pit crew outfit for kids, a number of official NASCAR outfits, or sexy racer costumes with racing motifs.

There’s the NASCAR Toddler Race Car Driver blue zip-up bodysuit, with trademarked patches and logos on the white upper portion of the outfit (complete with a cap), an adult-sized blue and white Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights Wonderbread costume in shiny fabric (which you can pair with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for the Will Ferrell look), the Black Racer NASCAR dress for teens and adults (with a low-cut plunging v-neckline, long sleeves, and a black and white checkered motif on the right side of the outfit), and the plus-sized Ricky Bobby Costume for heftier adults.

You may also get any of the following variations on the NASCAR outfits: the white and blue pantsuit based on the Speed Racer costume (with the Speed Racer logo on the upper right portion of the chest, which you can pair with a visorless white helmet), the pink and white Racing Girl costume (with sponsor patches and logos on the upper torso, which you can complement with the included trucker-style cap), the Race Car Driver body suit for adult females (which comes in black and lime green, with long sleeves and flared pants), and the blue Fantasy Race Car Driver full costume for kids. You can also play the part of the NASCAR enthusiast at leisure with a rockabilly-inspired black and red Race Car Driver costume for adults, with a black and red top with stylized flames, fingerless leather gloves, black pants, and a red billed cap. Wear any of these outfits with aviator sunglasses like you’re on your way to the racetrack.

Get the party in high gear with your very own NASCAR-inspired costume to help you get ready and set to go to any costume ball.

Thor is an avid Nascar fan has created a website dedicated to NASCAR costumes. His favorite costume and racer is the Jeff Gordon Nascar Costume

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