Carl Edwards to appear in HBO miniseries ‘To Appomattox’

Ever wondered what Carl Edwards would look like dressed up as a Civil War general? Well, if you have — and don’t pretend that you haven’t — you’re in luck.

Edwards is scheduled to be Confederate General John B. Gordon in the HBO miniseries "To Appomattox." The miniseries’ site says that it’s in negotiation with more NASCAR drivers for roles in the production.


The connection between the Civil War and drivers who race NASCARTM is simple: those values of the Civil War-the patriotism, the spirit of American competition, the regional and national pride that poured forth from and for its heroes-is best exemplified in the American Values and American Spirit embraced today by the NASCARTM affiliated drivers and their fans.

This production is honored to have developed a connection between this ultimate American sport with the ultimate American story and is proud to announce an association between select

NASCARTM affiliated drivers and roles that best exemplify this tradition of patriotism and competition in our production.

So this begs the question: who should be the next driver cast? We can see Kyle Busch going kamikaze with his horse and baoynet and Dale Earnhardt Jr. has already proven that he can grow the facial hair needed. Plus, Jeff Burton already has acting experience.

Tony Stewart‘s probably a little too pudgy to play a Civil War-era soldier and the only way that Kevin Conway would be involved is if Extenze had a patch on his uniform and that just takes away from the authenticity of the project.

Drop us a line in the comments. The best driver-character combination gets a shoutout in the next chat.

Carl Edwards to appear in HBO miniseries ‘To Appomattox’

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