Skating in circles: Joey Logano laces ‘em up in Carolina

Man, the season better start soon. That photo there has to be giving the suits at Joe Gibbs Racing heart palpitations. The idea of rising star Joey Logano skating and risking all kinds of knee-wrecking injuries … then again, his teammate Denny Hamlin did OK last year with a surgically repaired knee, so maybe it’s anything-goes over at JGR.

So, what was NASCAR’s skinniest driver doing lacing up the blades? Why, doing a little PR outreach, of course. Logano, along with Nationwide drivers Brian Scott, Austin Dillon, Michael Annett and others, shared a little good NASCAR cheer and charity.

Logano, a longtime hockey player himself, brought a specially made sled to the game. As Scene reported, the sled was designed to help a double-amputee kid skate with the Charlotte Checkers’ minor league team Friday night. It was the same kind of sled used by the U.S. Paralympic team, and it was one of those moments that blows right through all the sponsor-appearance contrivance we see so often.

On a less heart-tugging level, Logano also discussed the new plan to differentiate between Nationwide and Sprint Cup drivers. No stranger to the Nationwide Series, and a potential legitimate threat for the championship were he to decide to run for it, Logano says his energies will be focused on the Big Show.

“It makes more of a difference for people like Brad [Keselowski] and those guys that are doing both [series]," he said at the event, as reported by All Left Turns. "You’re going to have a different champion than last year, for sure. It’s cool. It’s definitely going to bring in some new faces to be a Nationwide champion."

So, fine, Logano’s no stranger to hockey. So how much do we need to pay to get Kevin and Delana Harvick on some skates to drop the gloves with Sliced Bread?

Skating in circles: Joey Logano laces ‘em up in Carolina

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