Denny Hamlin brings Michael Jordan to NASCAR, sort of

DAYTONA BEACH — Denny Hamlin, 2010 NASCAR runner-up and avowed basketball fan, has brought a fine new sponsor to NASCAR: Nike’s Jordan Brand. Like Dwyane Wade and Derek Jeter, Hamlin is now rocking the skying-Michael-Jordan jumpman logo, as you can see there at right, on his firesuit, gloves and shoes.

Hamlin, a huge hoops fan — you’ll recall that’s how he tore up his knee this time last year — struck up a friendship with Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. And from there, boom — logo city. 

a big deal for myself and really NASCAR," Hamlin said Thursday at Media Day. "The Jordan
Brand has never been in NASCAR before. It is a dream come true for me.
To me the Jordan Brand represents excellence in sports." Jordan has owned a motorcycle team since 2004, and, as they say, game recognize game:

"Denny’s confidence and passion for racing along with his determination
for excellence on the track make him a valuable addition to the Jordan
Brand," Jordan "said" in a press release. "We look forward to working with Denny as he continues to take his
success to the next level."

While Hamlin hasn’t yet gotten to duel Jordan one-on-one — and considering Hamlin’s propensity for injury as well as Jordan’s still-sharp skills — he nonetheless notes that this will vault him, and by association NASCAR, to a new level of perception. If Hamlin starts showing up in Nike commercials, where’s the downside? As long as it’s not a Super Bowl gag ad, that is.

This isn’t the first time a major sneaker manufacturer has entered NASCAR; adidas sponsored Dale Earnhardt Jr. starting back in 2007. But this isn’t really a sneaker-branding deal; it’s a lifestyle-association one. If Hamlin is able to bring a little of that Jordan cachet to NASCAR, hey, so much the better.

Denny Hamlin brings Michael Jordan to NASCAR, sort of

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