Zombie Dale Earnhardt to wed this weekend at Bristol

Huh. So here’s a news story you could only find in NASCAR:

Zombie Dale Earnhardt is going to get married.

All right, his real name isn’t "Zombie Dale Earnhardt." That’s not even his stage name. But it fits, doesn’t it? More to the point, this is Bob Brinkeroff, who’s been a Dale Earnhardt impersonator since 2001. (Not to get too creepy or anything, but that seems like pretty much the worst time imaginable to start a career as an Intimidator impersonator.)

But hey, there’s someone for everyone, and even ZDE has found himself a bride. Kristi Vaughn of Kingsport, Tenn. met the faux-Man in Black this time last year in Bristol, and fell hard in love, apparently: they’ll be getting married this Friday at Bristol Motor Speedway near the Earnhardt Grandstand. 

We’re very happy for the soon-to-be-newlyweds, of course. But we have to wonder: is this one of those Clark Kent-Superman situations? Will Kristi still love Bob when he’s Bob, not Dale? And what kind of driver is Bob, anyway? Do people always try to beat him off the line at stoplights? And does Bob wander, spectre-like, through NASCAR infields, cadging beer off star-struck and half-drunk fans? I damn sure would. These are good questions, you know.

Dale Earnhardt look-alike, fiance to marry at Bristol [Kingsport Times-News]

Zombie Dale Earnhardt to wed this weekend at Bristol

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