TUESDAY State of the Teams ’11: Michael Waltrip Racing

TUESDAY State of the Teams ’11: Michael Waltrip Racing

As we draw within sight of the Chase, let’s take a look back at how the season has gone so far for NASCAR’s top teams. We continue with the team whose commercial jingles are like a virus. (Napa Know-How!)

Drivers: Martin Truex Jr. (currently 23rd in standings), David Reutimann (currently 24th), Michael Waltrip (currently 42nd)

Wins: Zero.

Overall accolades: Zero poles, 3 top-5s, 12 top-10s, 4 DNFs.

High point: Um … pass? It’s been a big step back this year for a team that should have two outside Chase competitors. But neither Reutimann nor Truex has done much of note this year. On the plus side, Waltrip had a bestselling book, so there’s that.

Low point: It started at Daytona, when Waltrip kicked off the season with a 14-car wreck that took out Reutimann. It continued with a crew chief swap for Truex, and even Waltrip’s plans to bring aboard Travis Pastrana, albeit in the Nationwide series, vaporized. 2012 can’t get here fast enough for the MWR boys.

Outlook for the Chase and beyond: N/A. Barring a miracle, there’s no way either Truex or Reutimann makes the Chase. And for two guys who were within sight of the Chase recently, it’s a state of affairs that should have the outwardly affable Waltrip looking for a little know-how of his own.

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TUESDAY State of the Teams ’11: Michael Waltrip Racing

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