Twelve-year-old boy races car to photo finish

James Gallaugher is a 12-year-old Australian kid who’s fast. Unbelievably fast. Like, getting-called-the-next-Usain-Bolt fast. We’ve written about him before here for an amazing relay race, but now he’s stepping up his competition: he’s racing an actual car.

This past weekend at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney, Gallaugher raced a Nissan GT-R in a 100-meter dash. Now, since obviously not even Usain Bolt could beat a car head-to-head (unless you were driving it, slowpoke), the race was a there-and-back affair. Gallaugher gets beaten badly on the way down, then … well, let’s just say it takes a bit of time for the driver to find REVERSE, time enough for Gallaugher to get a substantial lead. Did he take the checkers? We think not, but it was still a fine effort.

Australian news reports say Gallaugher has run a 100-meter sprint 11.72 seconds. To put that time in perspective, it would have won the 1896 Olympics and is the fastest ever recorded in the U.S. or Australia for someone his age. Now, take such figures with a shakerful of salt, but what’s indisputable is that the kid’s got wheels. We’ll find out on a world stage whether he’s the real deal or not.

The car? It’s probably being laughed at by its car brethren for being so slow.

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Twelve-year-old boy races car to photo finish

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