DW says it’s time for Dale Jr to run the No 3

Dale EarnhardtWell folks, it’s almost that time. Christmas is literally around the corner. Everyone’s made up their list and given thoughts to what they would like others to receive for Christmas.

Now I am a sentimentalist. I am not too proud to say that I cry at sad movies or heck for that matter, even at TV commercials that pull at the ol’ heart strings. Yes, I admit it – DW is a big softy.

Now you have heard me talk about this in the past because I am very passionate about it. I still feel very strongly about and am very sentimental about the No. 3. Now I realize I am not alone, there is a lot of passion from the fans that flow right through that number.

I have been watching all this Danica-mania going on with Dale Earnhardt and his sister Kelley right in the middle of all it. Now I still haven’t changed my position on Danica. I still question whether she can make the switch over to NASCAR and be successful. I also still question the idea of them having her run an ARCA race at Daytona, of all places, as her first race in a stock car.

But set that argument aside for a second. Let’s assume for a second that she is successful. I got thinking that with all the excitement our sport is experiencing with her coming over here and Dale Jr. being a key factor in all that, how everything would be right with the NASCAR world if Dale Jr. would finely stake a claim on the No. 3.

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DW says it’s time for Dale Jr to run the No 3

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