The best NASCAR pre-race prayer you’ll ever see

Pastor Joe Nelms is a regular at Nashville Superspeedway and has the best pre-race prayers of anyone in the sport. But Saturday night’s prayer before the Nationwide race?

Absolutely epic.

Bonus points for the Ricky Bobby “Talladega Nights” reference.

The best NASCAR pre-race prayer you’ll ever see

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  1. ray burke says:

    I am appauled and even embarrased by the irreverrant and theratrical performance during the prayer given by this man with the audasity to call himself a man of God. Having fun in the privacy of home and friends is one thing, but this type of behavior on the world stage is insulting to any Christian believing in the Holiness and Sanctity of the Almigty God. Shame on you-the world has another pastor that has put popularity and worldiness above. I ask the pastor, is this the example Jesus set? You had a chance to lift Jesus and the power of Prayer to a high place, but you choose the opposite. Shame on you… Of course, we all are imperfect, but you know better and should get someGodly counseling from a senior pastor.


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