Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes off to the Great White North

Seems they love them some Dale Earnhardt Jr. up in Canada, eh?

On Monday, Earnhardt and Rick Hendrick journeyed to the General Motors Oshawa Car Assembly Plant near Toronto to observe the first three 2011 Chevy Camaro SS models rolling off the line. 

As SPEED reported, Hendrick used his team boss prerogative to snag the first two, a black and orange convertible and a silver model. Junior snagged that fine ride there at right, a red convertible with silver stripes.

The plant manufactures 440 Camaros per day, plus Impalas, Equinoxes and, soon, the Buick Regal. And pretty much every single worker who helps one of those vehicles roll down the line showed up to meet Earnhardt.

"It’s inspirational to me to go
back to what I do," Earnhardt said. "It sort of adds credence to my dedication and
feeling about Chevrolet. It restores my passion in the brand."
Hendrick, of course, had a bit more skin in the game, with 23 GM franchises on the line because of the company’s financial troubles.

So, yes, a fine day for Hendrick, Earnhardt and Chevrolet. Big question, though: where can we get one of those fine checked sportcoats?

Earnhardt a hit in Canada, too [SPEED] 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes off to the Great White North

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