Furniture Row hauler involved in major highway accident

It’s not exactly news when a NASCAR vehicle is involved in a wreck. But when the NASCAR vehicle is inside its hauler, and that gets into a wreck? Then, friends, you have a story.

As anyone who’s ever attended a NASCAR race knows, the NASCAR Pro-Am is one of the more enjoyable postrace events, as fans get to race the haulers of their favorite drivers up the highway and back home. But occasionally, things turn ugly, as happened this weekend in Colorado.

On Interstate 25 about 30 miles south of Denver, a 34-vehicle accident happened to collect both the Furniture Row hauler and its associated motorhome. Black ice — ice that’s not visible on the highway — was to blame for the accident, which amazingly enough didn’t have any fatalities. (See a local Denver Post report here for some of the wreckage.)

According to Furniture Row team manager Joe Garone, the hauler and motorhome came over a rise to see the wreck already in place. The hauler stopped, and that left Gary Miller, driver of the motorhome, with an ugly choice — hit the cars or hit the hauler.

"He made a choice to run into our trailer at almost a dead stop rather
than run through all the cars," Garone said. "He took that motorhome
head-on into the back of the trailer … It’s a miracle he’s alive. He
turned into the hauler rather than run over the cars."

The back end of the hauler and the front end of the motorhome were pretty much totaled. Furniture Row officials said that they were only able to get into the lounge area at the front of the hauler. (For a look at what a typical hauler contains, and where, click here to see the inside of Kevin Harvick‘s ride.)

Furniture Row will have to use its backup hauler to get to Homestead, and Richard Childress Racing, which has an alliance with Furniture Row, will provide another hauler for equipment this weekend. The Homestead cars for Regan Smith were not in the damaged hauler.

It took quite a few hours for the highway to go back to green-flag driving. Glad that metal was all that was damaged.

Furniture Row hauler involved in major highway accident

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