Wood Brothers to honor David Pearson with 2011 ride

Sometimes, you gotta look forward by looking back.

For the 2011 season, the Wood Brothers will run a No. 21 Ford Fusion reminiscent of the paint scheme that David Pearson ran for the team way back in the ’70s. He won 43 races and 51 poles in a Wood Brothers Mercury, and it’s possible he could win a couple more if you threw him behind the wheel today. Alas, he won’t get that chance; the Wood Brothers will send 19-year-old Trevor Bayne out for 17 races. 

Pearson, of course, is a driver unlike any other, a guy who could’ve been the best in history had he run more complete seasons. And, true to form, he unloaded on Thursday on topics of interest to him, including one Dale Earnhardt Jr.:

"If I was him and had as much money as he had, I’d retire," he said. "He don’t need to be running. Of course, he’s done good and
everything, and he’s made a good living out of it. He’s got plenty of
money. There ain’t no need to keep it going. In fact, I told his dad
that before he got killed. He said he had too many toys. Them toys don’t
mean really that much. Of course, I’ve had airplanes, helicopters, and
everything else. Of course, I ain’t got none of it now, because I can’t
write it off. No need to have it if you can’t write it off."

We sure he’s not an Internet commenter? That line sounds awfully familiar. After the jump, a photo of Pearson’s old ride in action.

Sweet. Now, if we can get AJ Allmendinger to run in the Petty Blue 43, we’ll be all set.

Wood Brothers to honor David Pearson with 2011 ride

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