Race! Wreck! Fire! Rescue! This video’s got it all, friends!

You know, most people don’t watch racing for the wrecks, but when they happen, and when there’s carnage but no injury, they’re a thing of beauty. Our scene: Oklahoma Sports Park this past weekend. Drivers Terry Muskrat (best name of the week), Brian Wolfe and Steve Little were involved in a wreck, and you can see what happened next. A driver, defending race champion Kip Hughes, actually came over and helped with the rescue. That’s some resourcefulness right there.

(Best part of this, aside from the fact that there was no actual harm to anyone, has to be the announcer, who’s straight out of the “M*A*S*H” mold of unseen voice of morality. Somebody hire that guy to do wedding party introductions, pronto.)

So, yes, everyone’s safe, and a couple guys have some fine stories to tell their grandchildren one day. What more could you want out of a night of racing?

Big thanks to Coy Cypert and www.c2videos.com for the video. Check ‘em out.

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Race! Wreck! Fire! Rescue! This video’s got it all, friends!

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